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Stamped Silver Bowguard by Steven J. Begay

Steven Begay creates highly refined and finished wearable art. . .. #Navajo #Ketoh #jewelry #wearableart #traditional #bowguard #sterling #silver #leather #nativeamerican #artisan . .. Navajo silversmith Steven J. Begay created sterling silver and 14k gold jewelry for nearly fifty years. Before he passed, Steven developed his very own style of Navajo jewelry. He used heavy gauge precious metals to hammer, cut, file and solder many magnificent works of wearable art. Steven was noted for his precise stamp work along with incredibly accurate, smoothly flowing cut outs using a tiny coping saw set with super thin saw blades. His precision overlay and majestic bump outs are extremely detailed adding depth and dimension to his art. In later years Steven taught his wife Kary his craft, style and technique collaborating on numerous pieces of jewelry. Later Kary produced many pieces on her own. Steven was considered a master silver and goldsmith by collectors and contemporaries alike. He won more ribbons and awards than most and was mentioned in numerous periodicals. Steven J. Begay will long be remembered as a standout in the world of Navajo and Native American Indian art. Because of his mastery of the craft Steven’s creations are considered highly collectable and will be far into the future.