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About Us

Want to know more about Blue Mountain RV and Trading? Here's a brief history of our RV park and trading post.

Our History

In the fall of 1975, the Simpson family completed the Blue Mountain Trading Post, and continued for another 25 years as the cutting edge in gallery quality Indian arts and crafts from the Ute, Navajo and Zuni tribes. When the majority of the family expanded to Bluff, Utah, Duke and Rose, the originator of the bunch, decided that it would be an adventure to start an RV park alongside the trading post, and so, in 2000 the RV park was completed, and they officially opened both. In 2016 Craig, the oldest son and his wife Kathy purchased the RV park and trading post from Duke and Rose and commenced to moving the park and trading into a new era -
once again embarking on a great adventure.

Want to see more? Check out our Gallery for photos of Blue Mountain Trading Post and our part of Utah.